Week Six – Overview

This week continues to explore the Madhyamaka methods for developing ultimate bodhicitta, through investigating causality and classic reasonings of the refutation of production from the four extremes, as well as the reasoning of dependent origination, known as the “king of reasonings.” Then we turn to a deeper engagement with the two truths and the relationship between them. Finally, this week concludes with an exploration of creative manifestations of the second turning teachings in East Asia and Tibet. 

This week you will 

  • Explore the union of appearance and emptiness through the refutation of production for the four extremes
  • Learn about dependent origination, the “king of reasonings”
  • Be able to identify the two truths: the relative or conventional truth and the ultimate or absolute truth
  • Understand the relationship between the two truths
  • Learn that Madhyamaka is not nihilistic: appearances are not negated
  • Know the process of realizing ultimate truth through the three levels of analysis: no analysis, slight analysis, and thorough analysis.
  • Be introduced to the second turning teachings of Buddhist masters of East Asia and Tibet

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