Week Four – Overview

The Mahayana is described in terms of the union of the ultimate and relative truths, and the union of wisdom and compassion. This week explores relative bodhicitta and how to develop compassion and skillful action in the world, both in meditation and post-meditation.

This week you will

  • Learn about the union of wisdom and compassion, wisdom and skillful means, ultimate bodhicitta and relative bodhicitta—in meditation and post-meditation
  • Understand relative bodhicitta: the aspect of the mind intent upon attaining enlightenment that develops skillful, compassionate action in the relative world
  • Work with the practice of the four immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity, beginning with yourself
  • Work with the practice of sending-and-taking (tonglen), and the outrageous idea of taking on the suffering of others
  • Explore the pithy slogans of the seven points of mind training

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