Overview of this course

Welcome to The Second Turning of the Wheel: The Bodhisattva Path, presented by Lion’s Roar and Naropa University.

A few notes about navigating the course:

  • While the course is designed to be followed sequentially, you may jump around as you like. You’ll see a check mark next to sections you’ve completed and the section will appear grayed out (but don't worry, you can go back to it at anytime).
  • The talks are provided as videos, MP3 files for audio only, and as PDFs.
  • The community discussion board is an opportunity to reflect upon what you have learned and for us to engage with each other as we move through the material. Here you can provide feedback on the enrichment activities for that week, ask questions, and reflect on your own experience as it relates to the focus for the week.
  • Each week includes a quiz that reviews some of the key points covered.
  • Also included are suggested further readings drawn from our publications, Lion’s Roar magazine, Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly, and lionsroar.com, as well as other sources.

Thank you for choosing this course. We hope you’ll find it engaging and informative.