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For many of us, no matter our income level, our relationship with money is rooted in deeply ingrained beliefs and habits that influence our actions. The more we cling to these beliefs, the more likely our finances carry an extra burden of anxiety and avoidance.

But you are better at handling money and wiser than you think.

By working with Buddhist principles, we can loosen fixed beliefs, and learn to befriend—and ultimately transform—the habits of clinging and craving that are at the root of many of our challenges with money.

Taught by Spencer Sherman, longtime mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and founding CEO of Abacus, a sustainable financial firm with Buddhist values, The Dharma of Money is designed to help you overcome your fears and confusion to embrace a resilient and empowering attitude toward your finances.

Learn to transform your financial mindset and make wise decisions from a place of clarity and awareness.

We have this tremendous opportunity to have a new relationship with money. It's not about eliminating beliefs, its about loosening our relationship to those beliefs. Its about befriending our fear and our anxiety about money.

In The Dharma of Money, you’ll explore and unpack:

The beliefs you hold that drive your spending and saving habits

How to reframe your beliefs about your financial situation

How your self worth is infinitely greater than your net worth

How to dissolve habits of comparison and envy when it comes to money

What is “enough” and how can “enough” be a liberating principle

How to approach your finances with mindfulness and clarity


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Meet the Teacher

SPENCER SHERMAN is a longtime mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and the founding CEO of Abacus, a sustainable financial firm with Buddhist values. He earned his MBA from Wharton Business School, is the author of The Cure for Money Madness and teaches the Inner Mastery of Money for NYU and Sounds True. He believes that all of us can feel ease and purpose with money, regardless of how much we have. His 30+ year meditation practice, including being a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner programs, supports him in helping others create an equanimous, powerful, and spacious relationship with money. He brings the wisdom of the dharma to a neglected and fertile area of our lives.

Overview of Sessions

Each module includes a teaching period plus guided sessions.

The Why and How of Addressing Financial Anxiety

How can Buddhist teachings help us navigate financial worry?

✎ Intention Meditation Journaling

• • • • • •

The Iceberg Metaphor / What Are Your Money Beliefs?

Learn how and why your beliefs shape your money habits.

✎ How Do You Really Feel About Money? 

• • • • • •

The Iceberg Analogy

Learn what really drives your financial worries.

Money Awareness Meditation
✎ Money Awareness Journaling 

• • • • • •

How Much Is Enough?

Explore the roots of our shared cultural beliefs around money.

Money Initiation Meditation
Reflections on the Money Initiation Meditation

• • • • • •

Reframing Money

Learn how to cultivate new beliefs about money, rather than holding on to what no longer serves you.

Reframed Money Meditation
✎ Reflections on the Reframed Money Meditation

• • • • • •

Dissolving Comparison and Envy

Explore where your habit of comparison comes from, and how to transform it.

Mudita Meditation
✎ Journaling Your Insights

• • • • • •

The Truth About Generosity

How can cultivating a generous attitude be a source of liberation?

❃ Meditation on Generosity
✎ Journaling on Generosity
❃ Visioning Meditation
✎ Post-Visioning Meditation Journaling

• • • • • •

Taking The Dharma of Money Into Your Future

Learn to make changes last and truly make an impact in your life.

❃ "Enough" Meditation

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