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The Heart of Mindfulness

“Mindfulness” has become much more than a mere buzzword. The Mindfulness Movement has surged through institutions, offering us a new approach to working with our problems in all areas of life, from work, to parenting, to relationships, to health, and more. It’s true: mindfulness is a powerful tool, and certainly effective when used properly. But there’s more to it than that.

The deep techniques of the Buddhist form of meditation known as Insight (or Vipassana) are truly the heart of mindfulness practice, and too often go unaddressed when beginning a mindfulness practice.

Are you ready to go deeper into mindfulness?

This online, self-paced program from Lion's Roar provides an opportunity to take a deeper look at mindfulness and awareness practices from the perspective of teachers also deeply informed by the Insight Meditation tradition of Buddhism from which modern mindfulness practice is derived. The program also explores important advancements that have been made thanks to a growing secular application of mindfulness as a therapeutic approach to pain management, stress reduction, strengthening focus, and more.

With guidance from 8 experts deeply informed by both secular mindfulness and Buddhist practice, you’ll be given the opportunity to practice the deep, traditional methods of mindfulness, plus gain helpful tools for beginning or strengthening your own daily practice.

This guided, self-paced program explores:

The spiritual roots of mindfulness meditation as taught for over 2,600 years

* * *

Essential teachings and practices from the Insight tradition

* * *

How Insight Meditation and the new mindfulness movement inform each other

* * *

How you can deepen your practice of mindfulness, awareness, and loving-kindness

* * *

How to use mindfulness practices in a daily routine to transform how you live

Learn at your own pace,

on your own schedule.

Join eight leading teachers and explore the power of Insight and mindfulness, from root teachings to contemporary practice.

Sessions were recorded from the intimacy of home or on location at Insight LA’s Benedict Canyon Retreat House.

Session 1: 

The Breath Is Your Partner


Founder of InsightLA and Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy

  • Experience the grounding power of mindfulness meditation
  • Learn about breath awareness and why it’s so important
  • Explore the Buddha’s contemplations on the breath, and how they influenced the mindfulness movement
  • Practice Mindfulness of Breath (Anapanasati)

Session 2: 

Foundations of Mindfulness 


Dharma/meditation teacher at InsightLA and at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  • Understand the Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness: body, sensations, consciousness, and phenomena
  • Gain deeper understanding of key Buddhist concepts such as impermanence, purification, and Nirvana
  • Practice The Four Satipatthanas (body, feelings, mind, dhammas) & Keeping the Mind with the Breath

Session 3: 

Mindfulness and the Buddha's Insight


Founding teacher of the Insight Meditation Society, and the Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center.

  • Explore the wisdom of the Thai and Burmese Buddhist teachers who so influenced the modern mindfulness movement.
  • Appreciate the deep insights of Mahasi Sayadaw, Sayadaw U Pandita, Dipa Ma, Ajahn Chah, and others
  • Find tranquility through the “New Burmese” meditation method

“Develop a mind that is vast like space, where experiences both pleasant and unpleasant can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle, or harm.”


Session 4: 

The New Wave of Mindfulness 


Author and Mindfulness / Insight meditation teacher.

  • Discover how Insight sanghas and mindfulness communities inform each other
  • Learn about the early days of the modern "mindfulness movement"
  • Explore how mindfulness-based approaches are being used in cognitive therapy and in pain management
  • Experience body-scan meditation from a teacher versed in both MBSR and classical Buddhist mindfulness

Session 5: 

Creating Bridges: Towards a More Inclusive Mindfulness 


Co-founder of The HeartWell Institute

  • Get a professional's perspective on how to build a more diverse and inclusive approach to mindfulness
  • Consider how the mindfulness movement can better meet the needs of BIPOC communities
  • Engage in a mindfulness meditation

Session 6: 

Ethics and Practice 


Co-Founder of Peace At Any Pace, Inc.

  • Gain deeper understanding of key Buddhist concepts—the precepts, the paramitas, and the eightfold path—that inform modern mindfulness practice
  • Experience a 20-minute Open Awareness meditation
  • Develop a better appreciation for the importance of ethics on the path to mindfulness

Session 7: 

When We Look at a Buddha, We See Ourselves


Co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, and the author of eleven books.

  • Hear about Sharon’s experiences as a teacher and student of meditation informed by the notion that “The Buddha did not teach Buddhism, but a way of life.”
  • Learn about the roles of generosity, morality, and loving-kindness (metta) on the meditator’s path
  • Undertake a metta meditation with the guidance of one of its foremost ambassadors

Session 8: 

Embodied Mindfulness as Daily Practice  


Teacher at Insight LA, and a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles.

  • Learn walking meditation, mindful eating, and more ways to bring mindfulness practice into the activities of daily life
  • Receive encouragement and tips for developing and deepening your own practice of mindfulness
  • Develop new skills to use in your meditation routine

When you enroll in Insight & Mindfulness you'll receive:

Lifetime Access

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8 In-Depth Teaching Sessions

Each teacher offers expert insight to deepen your understanding of key concepts, methods, and their roots in the Buddhist Insight tradition.

Guided Meditations & Reflections

All 8 teachers will guide you step-by-step in simple yet powerful practices to awaken your heart and mind.

Supporting Resources

Get a FREE digital copy of The Buddhist Guide to Mindfulness, a 100-page special publication from Lion's Roar. Plus, helpful resources like our Glossary of Buddhist Terms for Mindfulness Teachers and Practitioners.

Full Transcripts

Take your time or revisit the material with full transcripts you can read online or print to read offline.

2 Live Sessions

Meet some of the course teachers and explore topics more deeply in two live sessions with Q&A.

  1. January 20, 2022 (3 pm EST) with Trudy Goodman & Jack Kornfield
  2. January 27, 2022 (3 pm EST) with Gullu Singh

Recordings will also be made available.