Daily Schedule

Find teachers, talks, and practices for all five summit days below.

Sessions are pre-recorded, and will be released each day for you to view at your convenience.
Each day's sessions will be available for 48 hours, beginning at 6:00 am PDT | 9:00 am EDT (North American time zones). Check your time zone here.

Day 1:

The Transformative Power of Compassion

Available October 14 + 48-Hour replays (beginning at 6 am PDT | 9 am EDT on Oct 14)

Tara Brach

Talk: "Radical Compassion"

+ Guided RAIN meditation

Robert A.F Thurman

Talk: "Freedom: The Womb of Compassion"

+ Guided meditation: "The Bliss of Compassion"

Thupten Jinpa

Talk: “How To Make Compassion a More Active Force In Our Lives and the World”

Karen Brailsford

Talk: "The Four Chambers of a Compassionate Heart"

+ Guided practice: An Invitation to Accept Yourself

Day 2:

The Science of Compassion

Available October 15 + 48-Hour replays (beginning at 6 am PDT | 9 am EDT on Oct 15)

Dan Goleman

Talk: "Why Compassion Matters More Than Ever"

+ Guided practice - Good Work: A guided reflection for finding your compassionate purpose

Mark Epstein

Talk: “Compassion and Psychotherapy: Reflections of a Buddhist Psychiatrist” 

+ Guided kindness meditation

Rick Hanson

Talk: “Building a Compassionate Brain”

+ Guided practices in empathy, boundaries, and compassion

Amishi Jha

Talk: “Kindness & Compassion Begin with Attention"

+ Guided attention practice

Day 3:

Compassion in our Daily Lives

Available October 16 + 48-Hour replays (beginning at 6 am PDT | 9 am EDT on Oct 16)

Sharon Salzberg

Talk: “Compassionate Action: The Power of the Heart in Challenging Times”

+ Guided loving-kindness meditation evoking compassion and equanimity

Marina Abramovic

Talk: The Abramovic Method in Daily Life

+ Guided Abramovic Method “Glass of Water” exercise

Anne Lamott

Talk: “Loved and Chosen” — A conversation with Robert A.F. Thurman

Christian Howard

Talk: “The Compassionate Collective”

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Day 4:

The Compassionate Society

Available October 16 + 48-Hour replays (beginning at 6 am PDT | 9 am EDT on Oct 16)

Mayor Greg Fischer

Talk: “How We Are Making Louisville the ‘City of Compassion’”

Jan Willis

Talk: “What Would a Compassionate Society Look Like?”

+ A reading and guided loving-kindness meditation

Pamela Ayo Yetunde

Talk: “Cultivating Wisdom While Under Siege”

+ Guided Heart Sutra practice

Wilson C. Hurley

Talk: “Steeping Heart & Mind in Compassionate Insight”

+ Guided meditation on mindfulness, self-compassion, and kindness

Day 5:

Compassion for the Earth / Closing

Available October 18 + 48-Hour replays (beginning at 6 am PDT | 9 am EDT on Oct 18)

Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Talk: “The Shaman’s Way of Meditation and Healing” (segment includes a meditation practice and Fire Ceremony)

Dr. Mark Hyman

Talk: “Healing Humanity and the Planet One Bite at a Time”

+ The Source of Our Food: A mindfulness exercise

Stephanie Kaza

Talk: Courage for Earth: Acting with Compassion

+ Courage of the Ancestors, a guided meditation

Wasfia Nazreen

Talk: “Sunrise from the Roof of the World”

+ Reconnecting With Mother Earth: a guided meditation

Robert A.F Thurman

Conclusion of Summit with Lion's Roar Editor-in-Chief Melvin McLeod

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