Daily Schedule

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Sessions are pre-recorded, and will be released each day for you to view at your convenience.

Each day's sessions will be available for 48 hours, beginning at 6:00 am PDT | 9:00 am EDT (North American time zones). Check your time zone here.

Day 1

Re-Awakening Starts with You

Available June 24 + 48 hour replays

Living With an Undefended Heart

Talk + mindfulness meditation with Dharma teacher & Co-founder of The Meditation Coalition Mary Stancavage.

  • Understand the Buddha's core teaching of living with an undefended heart and how it can become a way of life.
  • Get an introduction to Buddhism’s Four Brahmaviharas (or “Highest Mindstates”) with a special focus on Equanimity.
  • Explore how we can work towards ending harm and suffering where we see it.

Revitalizing and Deepening Our Spiritual Wellbeing

Talk + guided meditation with Buddhist teacher and author Guo Gu.

  • Understand spirituality from a Chan Buddhist Perspective.
  • Consider the deep value of Buddhist practice and how to make a commitment to regular practice.
  • Learn about Guo Gu's experience working with Dharma Relief in response to the coronavirus.

Our Bodies Wake Us Up

Talk + restorative yoga exercises with movement and meditation teacher Cyndi Lee.

  • Investigate the Buddhist concept of taking refuge, and how it relates it to the body.
  • Learn how to downregulate, manage anxiety, and build appreciation for your body.
  • Refresh your body and mind after a restorative movement practice with Cyndi.

Day 2

Re-Awakening from Fears and Challenges

Available June 25 + 48 hour replays

We Are All First Responders in Our Lives

Talk + guided meditation with Buddhist priest Rev. Qalvy Grainsvolt.

  • Learn about becoming a better communicator and appreciator of fellow human beings.
  • Explore the key Buddhist concepts of buddha-nature and liberation.
  • Understand the importance of patience, and how to cultivate a response rather than surrender to a reactionespecially during stressful times, such as the pandemic.

Cultivating the Courage to Continue

Talk + meditative check-in and journaling with racial, gender, and trans justice advocate Ray Buckner.

  • Explore what it means to honor your life—your yearnings, fears, traumas, hopes, and sadnesses—with courage, clear seeing, and wisdom.
  • Ask how we can hold and honor our personal, communal, and systemic wounds, while also moving forward in cultivating a full and fruitful life.
  • Learn about Ray's experience as a transgender Buddhist, and how cultivating courage has played a role in their life.

An Opportunity to Transform Your Financial Fears

Talk + practice with founder of Abacus Wealth Partners Spencer Sherman.

  • Learn how to work with your financial situation to find a place of peace with money.
  • Assess your values and how best to live with them and integrate them.
  • Understand what it means to put "self-worth over net worth".

Day 3

Re-Awakening our Connection to Others

Available June 26 + 48 hour replays

Real Change

Talk + guided practice with mindfulness teacher and author Sharon Salzberg.

  • Understand the power of having loving-kindness and compassion, for ourselves and for others.
  • Relate compassion and self-care to the difficult task of working for change.
  • Learn how to mitigate burnout through the challenging work of real change.

From Enmity to Equanimity

Talk + guided meditation for fostering equanimity and good will with psychologist, author, and meditation teacher Sylvia Boorstein.

  • Address how loving-kindness is an antidote to irritability and disconnection.
  • Go deeper into the practice of metta and the significance of the Four Brahmaviharas.
  • Transform the difficult emotions holding you back through short and long meditations, guided by Sylvia.

Love and Community-Building: Mindful Speech in a Time of Global Crises

Talk + guided practice with Buddhist teacher and activist Mushim Patricia Ikeda.

  • Understand how Paul Tillich's definition of love as "The drive to reunite the separated” relates to loving-kindness, and how it manifests in our communities and the world.
  • Address the dynamics, motivations, and fears behind systemic racism and, more pointedly, the George Floyd killing and protests.
  • Transmute the difficult emotions of anger and frustration into positive, productive discussion and action.

+ Special Presentation

America's Racial Karma

A reflection and teaching by Larry Ward, senior dharma teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh's Zen tradition and co-founder of The Lotus Institute, on how we can start to heal racial trauma in ourselves and the world.

Available for Audio Download on Day 3.

Day 4

Re-Awakening in the Light of Covid-19

Available June 27 + 48 hour replays

Love and Rage: Survival in a Post-Pandemic World

Talk + guided practice with Buddhist teacher and author Lama Rod Owens.

  • Explore what it means to surrender to the light, and "let go of the person you think you are".
  • Understand what it means to face your fears of death and discomfort through the lenses of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Learn about Lama Rod’s work as a radical Black activist and the role Buddhism has played.

Love & Loss in the Time of Covid-19

Talk + guided practice with Zen Buddhist teachers Koshin Paley Ellison and Robert Chodo Campbell.

  • Explore classic Greek concepts of love.
  • Learn about Koshin and Chodo’s personal experiences as Zen priests, NYC hospice workers, and romantic partners.
  • Cultivate reflection and gratitude in light of loss and difficulty through guided meditation.

Are We In a Global Rite of Passage?

Talk + four guided practices with Zen priest and author Roshi Joan Halifax.

  • Explore how we can transcend the ways in which we’ve become disconnected or separated from one another due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Examine how we respond to fear, grief, and loss—of loved ones, of connection, of normalcy, and our former way of life.
  • Partake in four practices to help you confront and stay connected with our various challenges at this time.

Day 5

Re-Awakening with All Beings and Our Planet

Available June 28 + 48 hour replays

Values at the Crossroads: The Struggle for a Sustainable Future

Talk + guided practice with Buddhist monk and scholar Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi.

  • Explore the deep connections in the web of problems that confront us todayranging from poverty to devastating climate change.
  • Learn the root of these values from Bhikkhu Bodhi's perspective.
  • Understand how a solution must be centered around love, compassion, peace, human solidarity, and a commitment to justice.

From Inner Work to Outer Work

Talk + guided tonglen meditation with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Tsomo.

  • Learn how to apply the energy of your personal practice to widening social circles.
  • Get grounded in your practice, to move from fear to love, and to hold each other with care.
  • Foster compassion and connection through a guided tonglen meditation.

Finding Your Way on the Eco-Sattva Path

Talk + reflections with Zen teacher and author David Loy.

  • Consider how the Buddhist concept of the bodhisattva relates to pressing global concerns.
  • Reflect on what you personally have to offer and what resources you can share.
  • Get in touch with what tugs at your heart.